Vendor Registration
WEBS Memorandum of Agreement

Thank you for registering as a vendor with the State of Washington. This Memorandum of Agreement sets forth the terms that have been established by the State of Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES) to govern all vendor registration and notification activities made between your firm and any public agency utilizing Washington's Electronic Business Solution application ("WEBS").
For purposes of this Agreement:

  • vendor registration and notification activities is defined to include electronic requests for quotations, invitation for bids, requests for proposals, purchase orders, contracts, invoices, or other electronic procurement information, instruments and notices electronically transmitted, received, or posted using WEBS in lieu of or in addition to creating one or more paper documents;
  • public agency is defined as any agency, political subdivision, or unit of local government of this state including, but not limited to, municipal corporations, quasi municipal corporations, special purpose districts, and local service districts; any agency of the state government; any agency of the United States; any Indian tribe recognized as such by the federal government; and any political subdivision of another state and empowered by law to undertake the procurement activities facilitated by WEBS.

By submitting this electronic vendor registration, you certify and warrant to each public agency that you are authorized to: (i) register as a WEBS supplier; (ii) file all of the information requested in this registration process; and (iii) enter into this Agreement. By submitting this electronic vendor registration, you agree that:

  1. The system is self-maintained, and you are responsible for updating your registration information.
  2. You shall use the WEBS vendor registration update functionality to update your registration information a minimum of once every calendar year. Information not validated may be considered inactive and removed from the WEBS by DES.
  3. You hereby warrant to every public agency that the information provided by you through WEBS is accurate and current, even if different information is or has been available to or received by public agency personnel through means other than the WEBS registration.
  4. All bid notifications are effective upon posting to the WEBS website or upon issuance of a notification e-mail. The State of Washington is not responsible for undeliverable e-mail.
  5. All information submitted via WEBS becomes a public record and will be disclosed pursuant to Chapter 42.56 RCW.
    1. You attest that your business is eligible to register in WEBS and is not subject to application of RCW 42.56.640, pertaining to Sensitive Personal Information.

The vendor's primary WEBS responsibility is to use their WEBS login to view the bid calendar for current posted opportunities, and use the WEBS search features to find posted opportunities. The email notification feature of WEBS is a secondary tool for becoming aware of opportunities posted in WEBS - due to the number of dependencies that are beyond state control that must be met for successful email notification of opportunities posted in WEBS, including but not limited to the effect of vendor email spam filters that could trap WEBS email notices, incorrect email addresses in WEBS, missing commodity codes, posting of opportunities before the WEBS account became active, etc.

No changes in terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective unless adopted by the State of Washington, Department of Enterprise Services and incorporated into this web page. Any such changes shall be effective as to particular vendors only after they have received notice and approval of the change from the State of Washington, Department of Enterprise Services.

This Agreement shall remain in effect for as long as you are registered as a WEBS supplier. Your registration may be canceled if you are found to be in violation of an RCW, WAC or any terms and conditions established by the State of Washington or as the result of any change in an RCW or WAC that prohibits DES from releasing all or some of your registration information.

You may also cancel your registration by contacting the State of Washington, at webscustomerservice@des.wa.gov.

If you need assistance in the vendor registration process, please see our "how to" videos on YouTube . If you need additional assistance, please contact us at webscustomerservice@des.wa.gov .